ADA Compliant Additions / Universal Design

ADA* Compliant Accessible Home Design Colonial Remodeling specializes in construction that improves the physical environment for people with disabilities and age-related needs.

A Barrier-Free Home for Caregiving

You may be a candidate for Accessible Home Design if:

  • You or a family member are having difficulty with daily activities in a home due to functional limitations
  • You’ve been thinking about a move to a wheelchair accessible home for yourself or someone in your care
  • You’ve been considering moving someone into your home to care for them, but either don’t have the necessary space or your home is not handicap accessible

A home can be redesigned to be barrier-free . Colonial Remodeling can adapt your home – or even build a new one – to accommodate those with walkers, in wheelchairs, who have difficulty with stairs, and those with sensory limitations like sight or hearing.

We specialize in practical home design to help seniors and persons with disabilities manage their day-to-day living without compromising aesthetics, safety or comfort. We can design and renovate all or part of your home (including “in-law” additions that incorporate “universal design” principles – Loved ones will be able to live in their own space that meets their unique needs).

Colonial Remodeling is experienced with these special types of building regulations. We make it our mission to understand our clients’ own particular needs and find “the answer” they’ve been searching for. The Colonial Remodeling special renovation team can help you prevent accidents, increase accessibility, and reduce unnecessary worries in your home.  Think what would it be like to have living space in your current home that would accommodate the multi-generational lifestyle that is the growing trend today.

Q:   What’s the different between ADA Compatible Design vs. ADA Compliant Design

A:   ADA compliance can require special plan certification and inspection verification which will increase the price of the remodel and may not be required (most clients want ADA compatibility and just an easier-to-navigate home, but don’t need/want ADA certification).

“Aging in Place”
Maintain You Independence in Your Home.

With modifications, you can stay in the home you love instead of moving to an expensive retirement home that you don’t own (which can cost anywhere from$3000/month to well over $10,000/month!). 

We’re happy to meet with you to make recommendations about modifications to your kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, and living areas – as you require. Whether you need wider doorways, grab bars, heated exterior ramps, barrier-free bathing, stairlifts or elevators, we will work with you to create a home that is comfortable and safe.

Our team will personalize your home in such a way that the homeowner(s) can maximize their residence’s use for as long as possible, as aging (or disabilities) come into play. You love your home! Stay in it and just change it to fit your needs! When our team plans an accessible space, we think about safety, ease of maintenance – and visual design excellence. Colonial Remodeling can accommodate a wide range of client needs and conditions: from those managing injuries or rehabilitating – to middle-aged homeowners who just want to plan smartly now so they can stay in their home in the future.

Families with a child who has a disability will find that our suggestions provide the best accessibility solutions and recommendations for your special needs. As with any project we do at Colonial Remodeling, we work with your situation, budget, and schedule.

Colonial Remodeling’s experts know the right questions to ask in order to understand the challenges you face in your current home. Contact us today and start planning your new and accessible space.

 *Americans with Disability Act  

Colonial Remodeling can incorporate ADA Compliant features for a more livable home:

  • Accessible routes from exterior to interior of the home
  • Wide clearance of pathways and portals to accomodate wheelchairs and walkers
  • In-law suites with privacy and/or integration with caregiver social areas
  • Safe changes in levels  At age 60+ slip and fall accidents become the leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • Reach and height standards in accessible-living bathrooms & kitchens