JamesHardie-EliteJames Hardie’s® HardieWrap® is from Colonial Remodeling creates a weather-tight seal between your home and the elements, leading to a more comfortable, energy efficient home. We install this technology between your exterior siding and your interior walls, protecting your home from penetrating water and stopping the leakage of costly energy that is used to power your heating and cooling systems. When you turn to Colonial Remodeling as your siding contractor in Fairfax VA, we recommend installing HardieWrap before we wrap your home in siding.

The HardieWrap weather barrier solution is designed for fast and easy installation.
When properly installed under James Hardie siding by Colonial Remodeling’s local siding experts, it gives your homes an unmatched double line of defense against water damage, mildew and energy loss. This is a recent innovation in home siding, one that has helped thousands of homeowners throughout the country to enjoy a more comfortable home, even with the constantly escalating price of heating and cooling energy.

There are plenty of other weather barriers on the market, but we have found that none can match the performance of James Hardie’s HardieWrap. When combined with one of their durable, low maintenance siding options and HardieTrim® by a trained professional like Colonial Remodeling, a full siding system is created that will keep your home looking and feeling good for years to come.

To learn more about HardieWrap siding from the leading siding contractor in Fairfax VA, call Colonial Remodeling and schedule your free, no obligation consultation with our local siding experts.

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