Add Style & Functionality with Custom Porticos & Entranceways

A portico is a small porch roof built over a front entry door. Porticoes are both useful and decorative. They shelter people entering a house from sun and rain, but also provide an attractive and often elegant feature to an otherwise bland house front. They are common on Colonial houses, a common style in Northern Virginia and the Metro DC area.

Let Our Experts Design Your Portico – Genuine Craftsmanship, Real Curb Appeal

Colonial Remodeling’s team of experts design and custom-build porticos to enhance the curb appeal and utility of your home.  For the ultimate new portico, Colonial Remodeling can craft a custom-design with a new cement slab (with or without a slate or tile veneer), or a pressure-treated landing covered with a framed structure finished with a selection from our quality, low-maintenance siding, trim, and roofing materials manufacturers. Or, we can simply update your existing front landing to a new, low-maintenance, covered structure designed for your home. Our innovative products and seasoned staff of professionals allow endless possibilities to design and create a custom portico or entrance ways.

Portico Installation Process

Colonial Remodeling has a detailed process for portico design and installation:

  • Drawings – Colonial Remodeling will provide new portico design and existing elevation drawing for homeowner approval prior to construction.
  • Permit – We will apply for, obtain and pay for all necessary building and electrical permits prior to construction.
  • Inspect existing stoop to determine if underpinning is required. If a code compliant footer is not in place, Colonial Remodeling can perform underpinning to bring the stoop into compliance.
  • Frame up complete portico design per agreed upon drawing provided by Colonial Remodeling.
  • Rough in for electrical material/labor.
  • Roofing to match existing shingles – or upgrade option to steel or copper roofing.
  • Trim out, paint and/or stain.
  • Manage all county required inspections (foundation, framing, electrical and final).

Request a FREE Portico Estimate

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