An Accurate Estimate is the Start of an Efficient Roofing Project

A thorough assessment and evaluation of your roof by an experienced professional is essential for an accurate estimate of the cost of replacement. A quick scan of your roof from the sidewalk or driveway is NO SUBSTITUTE for an on-roof inspection by a qualified roofing expert.

At Colonial Remodeling we respond to all requests for roofing in Alexandria VA or across northern Virginia and Maryland by scheduling an on-roof inspection. Here’s how our five-step process works:

  1. You’ll be visited by one of our most experienced and trusted roofing team members, who will conduct a complete inspection of all visible roofing components. This includes shingles or tiles, gutters, ventilation, chimneys and vents, and flashing. We may even ask to enter your home’s attic to inspect the underside of the roof decking. An experienced eye will often be able to identify issues and potential problems that lie beneath the surface.
  2.  Next, you’ll get a written assessment of your roof’s physical condition, along with recommendations for renovation or replacement.
  3. If you choose to move ahead with roof replacement we’ll provide a comprehensive written quote, in plain, easy to understand language. Our estimates contain full details about the work to be done, what materials will be used, and the results we expect to achieve. Barring unforeseen problems with a roof’s supporting structure, this document is treated as a firm quote – not just an estimate.
  4. If our quote meets with your approval we’ll begin the project planning process. You’ll be assigned a project manager to oversee all aspects of the work. This person will be your “go to” contact from the start of the project right through to the finish. We’ll order materials and put your home’s roof on our production schedule.
  5. Once all materials are assembled we’ll notify you in advance of the date and time you can expect our roofing crews to arrive at your home. Most roofing projects can be completed in a single day. However, if an especially large or complicated roof requires additional days, we’ll be sure to seal any openings in your roof against the overnight weather.

If this professional process sounds like the kind of approach you’d like to see for your roof replacement in Fairfax VA or another community, please choose Colonial Remodeling as your roofing contractor.

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